Simulation exercise of project INDIMA.
The SIMEX was supported by VR (Virtual reality) simulations of scenarios and injects to test the network concept. The two-day table-top exercise was going
Simulation exercise of project INDIMA.
Timișoara, Romania, INDIMA projects simulation exercise (SIMEX) had ENDEX and the handover of the certificates of appreciation on Thursday 24 March 1800. A great
The INDIMA consortium conducted the second pre-exercise meeting on 3rd and 4th February in Timișoara, Romania, for an on-site visit of the venue of
As agreed at the first PEM (pre-exercise meeting) in Békéscsaba in September, on the 3rd and 4th of February, the SIMEX core team will
Several emergencies this year have brought new inputs and experiences to Disaster Risk Management: earthquake, medical mission, floods and wildfires, the INDIMA consortium is
INDIMA project, represented by their Project Manager, was participating at the “3rd International Conference on Effective Response” in Békéscsaba, Hungary, conducted by DiMaND (Disaster