SIMEX successfully conducted in Timișoara

Simulation exercise of project INDIMA.
Timișoara, Romania, INDIMA projects simulation exercise (SIMEX) had ENDEX and the handover of the certificates of appreciation on Thursday 24 March 1800. A great success was made possible by all participants, role-player, and staff – Thank you so much!
The SIMEX was supported by VR (Virtual reality) simulations of scenarios and injects to test the network concept. The two-day table-top exercise was going from phase I (national response) to phase II (national and cross-border response) to phase III (recovery), followed by day 3 (SIMEX evaluation).
SIMEX simulated the response to a disaster situation caused by freezing rain. It runs parallel at two levels: on-site the commanders of the Inspectorate for Emergency situations, Fires rescue, SMURD and Salvarea (ambulance service) are leading the incidents. On the level of Timiș county, the CJCCI (Country Center for Intervention Command and Control) is working with the general common operational picture and implements the inputs from the on-site commanders.
There they are testing the usefulness of the INDIMA network concept to get inputs for improvement.