On-site meeting and venue check in Timișoara, Romania

The INDIMA consortium conducted the second pre-exercise meeting on 3rd and 4th February in Timișoara, Romania, for an on-site visit of the venue of the SIMEX. The Simulation Exercise, to test the network concept, will be held on 23 and 24 March at the Timișoara Convention Center.

Experts from iHELP, Poland, Hungarian Red Cross and PubliComm, Austria discussed with the executives from DSU (Department for Emergency Situations), Fundatia pentru SMURD and ISU Timiș (Timiș county Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) to clarify the last open topics. The Covid-19 situation and measures for the exercise were checked again to have a secure environment for all participants of the SIMEX.

The scenario was updated by the experts of iHELP, the VR support was represented by Emilia Turucz, the exercise management team and the schedule was finetuned.

The Project Director, Bogdan Pop, the Project Manager, Josef H. Riener and the Chief Evaluator, Col. Florin Zoicas are now confident, that the preperations for the SIMEX next March are on track.

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