New online survey on disaster missions of 2021 launched

Several emergencies this year have brought new inputs and experiences to Disaster Risk Management: earthquake, medical mission, floods and wildfires, the INDIMA consortium is implementing them into the ongoing project.

We are looking at new inputs from actual disasters like the floods in Northern Europe and the lessons learned from the forest firefighting missions in SEE to update our network concept for DRM.

The earthquake in Croatia, medical missions in several European states, floods in the Germanys Eifel region (Rhineland-Palatinate) caused a massive intervention of volunteer and professional forces including the German Army, a dimension unknown before.

In SEE, massive wildfires brought the EUCPM to new records, RfA’s from Turkey, Italy, Albania, North Macedonia and Greece brought EU coordinated assistance from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands. Russia, not a member of the EUCPM was also involved.

From these major emergencies, we will implement the lessons identified into the network concept of INDIMA.

“We strongly believe that our new survey on the emergencies of 2021, will bring very important inputs, not only to the project INDIMA, but also for the improvement of the information management in Disaster Risk Reduction” states Dr Bogdan Pop, INDIMA Project Director.