Development of the concept with new inputs

Flood related damages in Germany, Ahr valley


Project INDIMA was selected to be funded by DG ECHO to develop a network concept for better and holistic civil protection and disaster risk management. We completed the survey, analysis and workshops. These steps were important to get up to date data for the development of the INDIMA concept. Furthermore, we have set up the information management to circulate the project’s progress and held two steering committee meetings.

Key devlopments of INDIMA

Now, three Online-Workshops, conducted by Hungarian Red Cross, Disaster Management Department, are completed as scheduled.

Some emergencies have brought new inputs to Disaster Risk Management in the last months, the iNDIMA consortium is implementing them to the project.

(Vladimir Sedi, András Molnár, Dr. Bogdan Pop, Dr. Brigitta Sáfár, Josef Riener)

(Flood related damages in Germany, Ahr valley)

The devasting floods in the Germanys Eifel region (Rhineland-Palatinate) caused a massive intervention of volunteer and professional forces including the German Army. The German THW /Technical Assistance) had to establish a basecamp at Nürburgring, a racecourse for up to 5.000 personnel, a dimension unknown before.

In SEE, massive forest fires brought the EUCPM to new records, on the first days of August RfA’s from Turkey, Italy, Albania, North Macedonia and Greece brought EU coordinated assistance from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, France, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands. Russia, not a member of the EUCPM was also involved.

From these big emergencies, we will implement the lessons identified into the network concept of INDIMA.

Stay tuned, soon we will present more…

Primarily designed as a “digital project”, the project partners, forced by the Covid 19 pandemic, have been working without physical meetings, relying on the standard online tools to proceed with the tasks and develop the SIMEX. That creates considerably more work but leads to a significant experience and know-how for training and exercises in the future. In a statement Dr. Bogdan Pop, INDIMA Project Director, says “This is an aspect, where we see the future of CP and DRM education and information, time is changing these setups very quickly.”

If you have questions, need more input, or want to contribute, feel free to contact the INDIMA project management:

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