Online Workshop: Coordination at 27th May

A definition: Coordination can be described as that invisible cord, which runs through all the activities of the organisation and binds them together. It is not a function of the management, rather it is the essence of management, which is needed at all levels and at each step of the firm, to achieve the objectives of the organization. (by  Another definition says: Coordination means organising the activities of two or more groups so that they work together efficiently and know what the others are doing.

In DRM, coordination means, that the organisation works in a unified manner across departments and with external stakeholders.
Therefore, communication and information (sharing) are supportive processes to coordination.
Within the workshop we investigate the forms of coordination:
• existing
• established
• to be developed

In three sessions we will highlight the following topics:

0930: International disaster management coordination structures: (UCPM – IFRC – UN OCHA) shortcomings, gaps  and opportunities

1045: Coordination structures in Host Nation Support

1300: Existing national coordination models: AT, HU, PL and RO

1445: Coordination covering all stakeholders based on the outcomes of the needs assessment and the stakeholder analysis

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